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  • SRT Technical Services LLC
  • SRT Technical Services LLC
  • SRT Technical Services LLC
  • SRT Technical Services LLC
  • SRT Technical Services LLC
  • SRT Technical Services LLC

Services: What We Offer

» Interior Design

At SRT Gulf, our interior designers are concerned with how different colors, textures, furniture and work space together would meet the needs of a building's resident. Our interior designers helps you to improve these spaces in order to boost office productivity, increase sales, impose a positive impression, provide a more relaxing workspace or even increase the building's market value.

» Project Management

We offer a full Interior / Spatial Design and Project Management service to our clients. As well as planning your space and furniture we will also look at lighting, flooring and decorating. We can help you source every little detail to complete your interior from finishes, furnishings, equipment and appliances. Our spatial planning will revitalise old spaces and create new places.

On top of this we also offer a project management service. Unlike most companies we offer an experienced Project Manager to guide you through from concept to completion, to ensure your project runs both to time and budget. Project Management is essential, especially on larger projects with builders, installers and designers working together to complete your interior. With an assigned on and off site Project Manager all stages of the project are supervised with regular inspection of building works to ensure that the implementation by all parties is running to plan.

» Execution

We have a strong design and execution team for any size of Interior and Architectural Projects. We proudly bring extensive international experience to our projects, which provide a substantial resource of new ideas, design techniques, as well as a broad spectrum of distinctive products all contributing to the distinctive nature of each project.

» After Sales Services / Maintenance

We at SRT recognise the importance of a full after sales service. We provide a dedicated project manager throughout the project for all aspects, both pre and post project. We pride ourselves on excellence in the execution of all our projects and we won't rest until we have fulfilled all the criteria set by our clients.

Client Testimonials

"A more competent, creative, energetic, and committed team as compared to SRT is hard to find. I would not hesitate to recommend SRT to others. I hope they continue their effort and achieve greater heights."

Syed Kashif Zaman
Manager Human Resources
Zenath Companies (a member of ETA Group)

"A fine team of creative individuals to work with. I appreciate the lengths that SRT has gone to with their service and flexibility they have provided us. I wish them all the best for all their ventures."

Raj Roy
Design Head
Sharaf DG LLC